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Learning Srpski: Serbo-Croatian Language Resources

18 Nov
I’ve always loved learning new languages, random ones in particular. Right now, my target language is Serbo-Croatian, because in about six months, I may have to explain to an 80 year-old grandmother that, yes her cooking is delicious, but no, I don’t really like fish.

Free things are awesome, and learning a new language is no different. Lack of time and money means a full-on language course isn’t possible for me, so I chose to go the online route. There are actually way more resources out there than I thought at firs. Here’s a list of what I’ve bookmarked so far:
First and foremost is LiveMocha– by far my favorite place to go to learn a new language, and the one offering the most comprehensive curriculum as far as I can tell. (I haven’t gotten all the way through it yet.)

Then, something else to try is Byki‘s free language software. I wasn’t sure about downloading it at first, but then I thought, “I have a Mac. It’ll be ok.” And it was. It’s basically a lot of flashcards, and it’s good for practice.

101 Languages- Serbian. Some basic vocabulary and information about the language.

Word2Word: Free online language courses (in a lot of languages. Check out Croatian, Serbo-Croatian, and Serbian.)

Visit Montenegro:  Very basic info, designed to get the tourist around.

Serbian School: This one is intended for Windows machines with Internet Explorer browsers. You can add an extension/plugin to Firefox to let the scripts run, and the material seems thorough enough, with there’s 24 lessons in the text.

For the best results, I would mix and match these, as they are suited for different types of learning and different paces. Some people might find LiveMocha a bit slow if they’re familiar with learning foreign languages already, and some of the other resources are just meant for increasing vocabulary or for helping the passing tourist. From all of them, however, you could cobble together something that works for you.


If you’re working on a language now, or if you have any online courses or resources that you really like, tell me about it!


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